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          Bakeries adjust to bring joy during COVID-19

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          MacOS Catalina catapults students into boredom during the quarantine

          March 23, 2020

          From the first MacBook operating system (OS) to macOS Catalina, Apple has continued to add new features, some of which do not please everyone. Apple is known for its simplistic,...

          Rappers often die young

          March 18, 2020

          In our culture, seeing rappers dying at ages as young as 20 is the new norm. The cause of these deaths is often murder due to gang violence or overdoses. Many rappers are...

          San Mateo County libraries prepare to assist the community with the U.S. Census

          March 18, 2020

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          Camille Kay, Staff Writer

          March 27, 2020


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          Opinion: The DARE program has failed Gen Z

          March 27, 2020

          I vividly remember sitting in the Tierra Linda Middle School Gymnasium, crammed between 500 students. I was in eighth grade, and I knew exactly who the presenters were and...

          March 26, 2020

          "Stay inside and wash your hands." I am sure you have heard this from various figures of authority throughout the past month. While washing your hands is very important,...

          Opinion: Grades must stay

          March 26, 2020

          I've always been good about doing my schoolwork and staying on top of my academics. For four years, I have maintained A's in all of my classes, and I was hoping that I...

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          Donald Glover’s “3.15.20” is a dynamic work-of-art

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          ‘The English Game’ is a binge-worthy series with a kick

          March 25, 2020

          With all the sports leagues down due to the coronavirus, the Netflix show "The English Game" allows sports fans to watch sports with a touch of drama to satisfy their need...

          ‘Kid Krow’ offers a poignant look into Gen Z adolescence

          March 22, 2020

          What do you get when you cross Lorde's melancholy with The 1975's sound and Taylor Swift's songwriting skills? Why, Conan Gray, of course. Gray's newest album, "Kid Krow,"...

          Everyone is falling in love with Lady Gaga’s newest single ‘Stupid Love’

          March 21, 2020

            Gaga's most recent single, "Stupid Love," brings listeners back to the unique style that she once had in her...

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          The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
          The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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